Nina Isabelle

Nina Isabelle


Nina first studied art at Pennsylvania School of Art & Design in Lancaster, PA and later received her BA in Art from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. She is  the artist / director of Star House Gallery, a gallery  featureing abstract, self-taught, and outsider artists and artwork in Kingston, NY.


"My process is instinctive and energetic. I have athletic approach which produces an aggressive mark. Using metaphors of elements such as posture, gesture, color, and the nature and characteristics of lines, strokes, and marks as a sort of personal cryptograph to decipher visual information, my work becomes a vehicle for the subconscious. Within this process my focus is to identify and allow authentic markmaking to emerge. Paradigms which surface brush on perceptions of god-concepts, outer space, and of the notion of seprateness inside of community. "



Selected Exhibits:

-Witness: The Cedar Tavern Phone Booth Show, Star House Gallery, Kingston, NY, 2014

-Punk Rock Fish Studio, Old Pro, Berlin, MD, 2014

-Art Along The Hudson at S.P.A.F, 2014

-Star House Gallery, Studio Sale, Kingston, NY, 2014

-Varga Gallery Memorial Day, group show, Woodstock, NY, 2014

-Artspace Falls Church, Bold and Bright-currated by David Barr, Falls Church, VA, 2014

-Stray Cat Gallery, Ethos of Abstraction-Nina Isabelle/Lucienne Weinberger, Bethel, NY 2013

-The Garden Cafe, Woodstock, NY 2013

-Star House Gallery, Diagnosis: Artist, Kingston, NY 2013

-Barrett Art Center, Half Your Age, Poughkeepsie, NY 2013

-Barrett Art Center, Kinetic, Poughkeepsie, NY 2013

-Wired Gallery, Art Foray, High Falls, NY 2013

-Hole In The Wall Gallery, Home Grown, Mechanicsburg, PA 2013

-Hole In The Wall Gallery, Outer Expressions of Inner Mayhem, solo show, Mechanicsburg, PA 2013

-The Metropolis Collective, Bits & Pieces, Mechanicsburg, PA 2012

-Hole in The Wall Gallery, Cool Cats, Mechanicsburg, PA 2012

-Greenpoint Gallery, Fall Season Show, Brooklyn, NY 2012
​-Unison at Water Street Market Gallery, IDIOM, New Paltz, NY, 2012

-Barrett Art Center, The Maltese Falcon, Poughkeepsie, NY, 2012

-Trash Art Gallery at The Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA, 2012
-Mills Pond House Gallery, Smithtown, Long Island, NY, The Hand Made  Photograph, 2012
-Projekt 30, Sex 7, NYC, drawings, 2012
-Cornell St. Studio, Kingston, NY, painting, 2012
-Varga Gallery, Goddess Show, Woodstock, NY, painting, 2012
-Tivoli Artists co-op, Erotica, Tivoli, NY, drawing, 2012
-Varga Gallery, Birds of a Feather, Woodstock, NY, 2012
-Lovebird Studios, Rosendale, NY painting/drawing, 2011
-Art @ Home, Kingston, NY painting/drawing/photography, 2011



Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT, B.A. in Art, 1999


-Artwork included, Painting, Times Herald Record, 2010
-“Artist in Newspapers.” Gunnison Country Times June 2006: Oil Painting
-Artwork included, Photography. Ellipsis Literature & Art Journal, April 1998
-The New Deal Skateboard Company. Advertisement Photography. Thrasher Skateboard Magazine. November, 1990



Nina Isabelle at Falls Church Arts, "Bold & Bright" by James George, Arlington Art Examiner


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