Performance by Nina Isabelle & Amelia Iaia

Para\\el Performance Space

Brooklyn, NY

March 23, 2019

English fails at describing the location of abstractions in relationship to the human body. Identifying such things is a murky pursuit at best, let alone trying to understand their proximities to different sorts of structures or recognizing how they transition from one place to another. How do we arrive at knowing (or imagining we know) any of this? Prepositions are words that describe the location of things in relationship to other things and English only has 150 of them. This is a terribly small amount and to boot they only seem to work well with concrete structures. What can we do about it? To start, we mashed a bunch of prepositions with lists of randomly generated abstract nouns and verbs in order to come up with 150 phrases, then combined them into an audio experience along with objects & gestures as a way to illuminate the intangibleness of this situation. So far, we're surprised to report that it's working. 

N I N A  A. I S A B E L L E 

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